why jack? he loves old womans
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I honestly dont know lol. He seems like he wants to cuddle 24/7.

Hey, for the twitter thing tonight is there a hastag for it? And you just tweet to Zac right?

If I’m not mistaken it’s #RunningWildWithZ and you can send it to Zac.

Sounds like Zac's fans are more obsessed with his sexuality than anyone else is... If you're a girl & you love him & he turns out gay... You wont lose him.... He was never gonna get with you anyway, so why is everyone making a fuss & why does everyone have to DEFINE people in a box. He may be famous but damn, let his private life be his... It's the only thing he has that isn't known.

I agree with everything you said. He private life is private. Like I’ve said before, I honestly don’t care about his sex life or what he does in private life. I’m a girl. I do have a slight crush on him, but I’m definitely not one of those girls who think it will have a chance with him. Realistically speaking, no fan will ever have a chance with him.

Note to others: Currently ignoring two more messages about this subject, so I’m moving on. Enough is enough.

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The rumors that zac might be gay already started in 2007/8 so it's getting old. He hangs out with his male friends - he is gay. He dress nice and looks good - he's gay. Only because a male dress nice and looks attractive doesn't mean he is gay. Anyway even if he would be I really don't care and have nothing against it. But in an interview he got asked what he is interested in and he clearly said girls.
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Thank you. I wasn’t sure when it actually started. I was convinced it was 2006. You forgot one main thing: He fucked the same woman for 4 years - he is definitely gay and she was his beard to cover up for his suppose homosexuality. HSM is the main and probably the only reason why to this day people think he is bi/gay. I have never ever seen people so obsessed with someone’s sexuality like they are with Zac’s. He sounds honest in most of his interviews in my opinion, so I get the vibe from him that he tells the truth with no problem and that he would admit if he went both ways at some point in his life. Whatever floats his boat.

If you could date any of zacs character in his movie which one would it be?
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Jack or Logan. Can’t decide.

Hi, I love your tumblr.
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Hello. Thank you. Means a lot.


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86th Academy Awards (2014)  

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